99 Counties, 100,000 miles and almost 10,000 signatures - Update from Tom Fiegen, candidate for US Senate, Iowa

March 4, 2016


As you know, I have been crisscrossing the state meeting with working Iowans. I attended
Democratic Party events in all 99 counties in 2015, putting 100,000 miles on my truck in the
process. So far this year, I have already been to 32 counties on my second lap around Iowa.

No other Democratic candidate can say that. All that hard work thus far paid off yesterday.
We delivered almost 10,000 signatures from every corner of Iowa to Secretary of State Paul
Pate. This officially puts my name on the ballot for the June 7th primary.

Now comes the next phase of the race. We need to raise the money to get our message out. You know that I have never made a lot of money representing struggling family farmers and small businesses. I don’t have a super-PAC and don’t want one because I represent working Iowans.

Can I count on you to pitch in $10 or more to help the campaign? Here's a link:

The simple truth is that it’s no longer enough to nibble at the edges of the problems we face
in Iowa and nationally. They are too big and they’re not going away. We must talk about the
elephants in the room:

A flood of special interest money has now everything in Washington, D.C., for sale to the
high bidder. Exhibt “A” is Chuck Grassley who answers to his wealthy donors and not to
working people. It means that everything that we care about and everything we want to
change is being blocked by big money.

Big money does not care about the problems that we face, like: Wall Street rip-offs of
consumers, minimum wages that are below the poverty line, rigged trade agreements,
crippling student loan debt, two sets of justice, overpriced prescription drugs, our inability to
afford healthcare, ag poisons in our water, climate change and unhealthy food (including
unlabeled GMOs).

I’m working hard to be your voice, a voice for working people. But I need your help
to win this election. If you can volunteer, put up a yard sign, knock on doors, email,
call, or post to Social Media – you are helping! To volunteer, please click here:

This election is our chance to finally reclaim Chuck Grassley’s Senate seat from special
interest money. Please take a minute to visit to find out how
you can help me bring back a government that works for all of us – not just the billionaires.

Tom Fiegen

Iowa Democratic US Senate candidate Tom Fiegen delivers almost 10,000 nominating signatures to Secretary of State Paul Pate.

March 3, 2016

Des Moines - U.S. Senate candidate Tom Fiegen delivered almost 10,000 nominating petition signatures to Iowa's Secretary of State's Paul Pate in Des Moines today. The signatures guarantee Fiegen will be on the June 7th Democratic primary ballot. Fiegen aims to unseat Republican Chuck Grassley.

"While receiving four times the required number of signatures to get on the ballot is a gratifying show of voter support, even more important to me, these signatures came from every corner of Iowa - big cities, suburbs and tiny rural communities. The four big blue binders we filled with nominating petitions represent a diverse cross section of Iowa", said Fiegen.

Fiegen visited all 99 counties in 2015, putting 100,000 on his truck miles in the process. He has already been to 32 counties again in 2016, intending to visit all 99 again.

Fiegen is a supporter of Bernie Sanders and endorses the economic reforms Sander's calls for, including campaign finance reform, breaking up the big banks, raising the minimum wage, student loan reform and Medicare for all.

"I am a candidate with no super-PAC. I don't want their money. That's because I don't represent billionaire interests. I represent working Iowans. Our system has fallen far out of balance and it's time to fix it."

In addition, Fiegen is calling for the next Farm Bill to include a water quality requirement for all farmers and farms in order for them to qualify for federal subsidies, as a way of dealing with ag poisons in Iowa’s water. He is also a proponent of the local food movement and has committed to making the production, processing and marketing local food - via small farms - the focus of federal farm policy.

Fiegen, 57, is a bankruptcy attorney from Clarence, Iowa. He previously served in the Iowa State Senate from 2001-2003, is a former adjunct economics professor and is the father of four grown children.

To understand Iowa's US Senator Chuck Grassley, follow the money.

February 26, 2016

My name is Tom Fiegen. I am running in the Democratic primary in Iowa to retire Chuck Grassley. I have spent my career representing working people. I am not taking super-PAC money. I am the son of sharecropper parents who worked hard to buy a farm of their own and then faced foreclosure during the Farm Crisis of the 1980s. If you think a United States Senator should do their job, and represent the people, not the billionaires and the oligarchs, help me retire Chuck Grassley. As Bernie Sanders says, enough is enough.

Senator Grassley has declared in writing his refusal to interview a replacement judge for the vacancy on the Supreme Court. What's much more interesting is what's behind Chuck Grassley's obstructionism. To know, we have to look behind the curtain to see who's pulling Chuck Grassley's strings.

It's the big money contributors.

We're talking about really big money pulling Chuck Grassley's strings. It is the wealthiest of the wealthy, the one-tenth of 1% who consider an Obama Supreme Court nominee a profound threat to their grip on power. Bribes in the guise of campaign contributions might no longer work if the balance on the Supreme Court shifted.

These powerful oligarchs are the ones who really employ and pay Chuck Grassley. They have told him to do whatever it takes to preserve their power. A conservative Supreme Court has given the billionaires and oligarchs the political and economic power to run the country since Reagan. They don’t want to take a chance on losing that power. That’s why Chuck Grassley put his refusal to do his job in writing: to reassure the billionaires and the oligarchs that he is following their orders, not ours.

Senator Grassley’s written refusal to do his job is more than the usual partisan political games. This time, everything we care about as American citizens hangs in the balance as a 4 - 4 split Supreme Court punts on all the important issues. Things like: Citizens United, government intrusion into our private lives, corporate fraud, unfair tax havens for the super-wealthy, poisons in our environment, police brutality, employer spying, and the Constitution itself. Leaving a vacancy on the Supreme Court for over a year means our last line of defense against a Corporate Big Brother government and the billionaire robber barons will be locked in a perpetual 4 - 4 tie.

82 year old Senator Grassley is running for another six year term this year. Do we really want to reelect a career politician who is willing to put our Constitutional freedoms at risk to please his billionaire contributors?

Tom Fiegen, Leading US Senate Candidate, Iowa, endorses Bernie Sanders for President of the United States

Oct 28, 2015


Tom Fiegen, Leading US Senate Candidate, Iowa, endorses Bernie Sanders for President of the United States

October 28, 2015

Clarence, Iowa –

Iowa’s leading Democratic candidate for US Senator in Iowa, Tom Fiegen, today announced his endorsement of Bernie Sanders for President. Tom is running against Republican incumbent, Chuck Grassley.

“I am supporting Bernie Sanders because he is fighting to protect working Americans from billionaire special interests, overturn Citizens United, to deliver relief to crushing student debt, expand social security and enact massive campaign finance reform. Bernie has demonstrated unconditional loyalty to working people since he was Mayor of Burlington. In Iowa I am committed to protect and expand Iowa’s grown-local farm movement; label GMO’s, and clean up Iowa’s water by stopping the excessive use of dangerous chemicals in agriculture.

Chuck Grassley is a special interest Senator whose devotion is to Wall Street, Big Pharma and the ultra-wealthy, not working Iowans. Thanks to Senator Grassley, Iowa seniors are paying more for their prescriptions and have had their Social Security benefits frozen. I stand with Bernie Sanders on the need for a grassroots revolution to take our democracy back from oligarchs.

I first heard Senator Bernie Sanders speak in Iowa at the Clinton County Democrats’ Hall of Fame Dinner in Goose Lake, Iowa on May 17, 2014. More people attended the speech than live in the town of Goose Lake. The speech was a clear, loud call to reject political bribery under Citizens United and to reject divisive politics that pits Americans against each other to enrich the top 1% of our citizens.

The 300 people at the dinner reacted to the speech like they had been hit with a lightning bolt. The energy and enthusiasm was so high that the room immediately filled with talk of "This guy from Vermont should run for President." I handed my card to the staffer with Senator Sanders and said, "If Senator Sanders ever decides to run for President, let me know, I will do everything that I can to help.

In March of 2015, I was privileged to introduce Senator Sanders to 100 of my fellow citizens in Cedar County on his first visit to this Iowa county. I told them, "If we are going to leave a better country and world to our children and grandchildren, it has to start with this guy. It has to start with President Bernie Sanders." After his speech, I encouraged Senator Sanders to run for President, and to run as a Democrat.

Now the whole country is hearing the message - the political truth - that we heard in Goose Lake, Iowa in May 2014. Bernie Sanders has started a political revolution with his campaign for President, a revolution against the oppression of the billionaires and the politicians who work for them. He has served notice for all of us on the oligarchs that enough is enough.

Saturday night at the Iowa Democratic Party's Jefferson-Jackson Dinner during my introduction as a United States Senate candidate, I proudly held a Bernie Sanders for President sign above my head for the 6,000 assembled Democrats and the nation to see.

Today, I make good on the promise I made to the Senator in May, 2014. I wholeheartedly endorse Senator Bernie Sanders for President of the United States and pledge to do everything in my power to get him elected and pledge that if elected as the next United States Senator from Iowa I’ll have his back in the next Congress. I will work as hard to pass his legislative priorities as I will work to get him elected."

Media Contact:
Paul Schaefer
Campaign Communications Dir., Tom Fiegen for US Senate, Iowa
Cell: 719-287-6867
Skype: Paul Schaefer

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